Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Poppies - big red orangey ones, always remind me of my Nan, she had so many in her garden and we would look at them together. She died quite some years ago, but currently the memory is very poignant, perhaps grief filled, as the garden is about to be destroyed and the house demolished. Perhaps an example of justice being mainly for the rich (and devious), and consequently powerful, in our society. It is very difficult to be poor and powerful; not that I have any particular want to wield power, but I would have liked to have prevented the loss of a unique tin house and garden.

Yesterday I heard Gordon Brown saying that he was campaigning to be leader of his party and therefore prime minister of the UK of GB because he wanted to help people, not for power, wealth etc. The trouble is it is his idea of what people need, his judgement. Have I really mentioned politics/current affairs alongside this gorgeous poppy? The wages for MP's, A.M's etc would not be so high, and would not go up by huge percentages if they were truly involved in politics to help people.

The sun is shining briefly, there are the every day things to be done - such as washing clothes..and making tea.....

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