Tuesday, 22 May 2007

this spring

How differently the hawthorn is behaving in this area, compared to previous years. Like the blackthorn has done the past 3 or so years it is coming out unevenly, some here some there - sometimes two neighbouring trees don't even come out together!

So there isn't that feeling of May, bridal adorned, reclining over the hedgerows, with cow parsley ruffles around her ankles.
Last evening as I walked up to get my lift to yoga I was moving through May Flies haning in the air with their double tails. I notice inmy paper diary that I saw an elderflower in full blossom at the Severn Bridge on May 3rd, they are just comig into flower here now. I do wonder if motorways make warmer microclimates than the surrounding countryside.

"There is a part of us which from childhood is absolutely alone. When we fall in love we imagine we have found an ultimate assuagement of lonliness. This is not so. In a true marriage or near friendship what in fact is found is a companion in loneliness."

Damaris Parker-Rhodes 1977 22.05 in Quaker Faith & Practice

I found this only recently and it puts into words the experience that I had in meeting someone, being with them. Not always comfortable. Never before had I experienced that, not so fully. But now, although I thought we were committed to working through the difficult times, I find that he cannot. I ache for him in his despair, but I too am sad, and feel rejected, that I am not enough.

In close relationships we may risk pain as well as finding joy. When experiencing great happiness or great hurt we may be more open to the working of the spirit.

1.02/21 in Quaker Faith & Practice

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