Monday, 18 June 2007


'a lot of god and saddness' was the feedback that I got about this blog, from a close friend - who lives far away; I thought this a curious impression. but then I can't get that sort of impression because I am creating the blog, I of course have my overall impression, but it is from inside. Like all of life I can't step out of it and look clearly. Of course in some forms of meditation I can be the observer. Is it good to note other's impressions of oneself; or as a therapist told me to remember: 'what anyone else thinks of me is none of my business'? But sometimes one needs that view from the outside to process along with the inside information. One might disagree, or even be shocked about that which others tell of oneself! And different people will view the same behavior in oneself in different ways, probably according to their experience of one to date.... and their own views and reactions on and to life... oh it's just so complicated being, or is it simple?

I would be happy if:
I lost some weight
I was well
there was no war
I still had a companion in lonliness
I sold more work
I created more work
I had good skin
I had money to spare
all food was organic
Les wasn't dying
I could afford to visit Montreal
I had my own home
I was 'good' at meditation

how very silly it all is.....

If I could only accept everything as it is....

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