Tuesday, 18 September 2007

september, still

Oh how I could continue to wax lyrical about september...

The air is much cooler, even as it is still, one can feel it, is there a word for a breeze that is barely a breeze, the slightest movement of air, because the sun is heating it, so that one can feel it on ones skin, just? And just cool enough to brush through when walking.

Birch leaves scatter everywhere. All the leaves are thinning and allowing flickering light through, less deep shade than in high summer.

There is a strong sense of change, of gathering together, but also for me of wanting to wildly abandon...oh dear....

There is a silence behind the squalls that come over dark dark, then leave a rinsed out sharp sky, sharp air. Heavy rain on the roof last night, I like to stay awake to hear it.

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