Friday, 26 October 2007

this is a willow herb on the estuary in later August, but I thought of it today, the soft grey weather perhaps. It suits a tiredness that I feel.
We have had a many sunny warm days until yesterday when we were enveloped in deep deep pale grey, days where there was a clear skied slip into night from day: luminous numinous liminal.
The starlings arrive whirr wooble tribble. The jacdaws were performing a well orchestrated game this morning that I wondered about, until I heard the starlings, there had been a patch invasion, so the jacdaws were involved in a thorough 'we claim the trees'. The long tailed tits have been peeppeeping in the birch trees the last 3 mornings, in stark contrast the other day one fragile birch was heaped with jacdaws.
Inside a twine of feelings, sensations, many worldless; some confusions and some clarity. I want to be walking the coast path between Ceibwr and the Witch's Cauldron, with someone in particular.

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