Thursday, 3 January 2008

this year

It is a new year, I suppose the date change is finally getting to me, it is begining to feel like a new year on january the first. These new fangled creations (the first january the first new year in england and wales was after all only in 1753) do eventually catch on, creep into ones being. So if this is a new year, can I please ask for one not as bad, and certainly not worse than the last; I don't think I could go through all that again. It was a distressing year, from early on. Some things have been dealt with by just hiding them and allowing bite size bits out. Sometimes though sadness and weariness slip over me. It has not all been awful, I have made a few new aquaintances, some of whom I have not actually met - some a long long way off, snail lady, densie fruit name but two. They have been especially supportive and generous. One new person has been actually met, lunches shared, easeful times, delightfully ordinary times. As some older friends seemed to have faded, some existing friends become closer.

For some months I have been withdrawn and not particularly creative. Something is moving right now and the desire to make, create and share lifts. I have even printed out the details of a call for proposals for a site-specific art festival in Finland. My photography has continued along familiar themes, but I can sense something more serious emerging, and I have started to think about getting out my 'proper' camera, and buying some film. I hope that my relationships with others - close friends to strangers also grow, expand.

A short trial run, today, gives me hope that I shall be walking the steep slopes to a favourite place that I have not visited in over a year. How easily time slipd by. How easy it is to forget to love, to reach out to the world. I am reminded of an entry earlier this year about reaching out (see here). In fact the imagery used there has been coming to mind and today I came across a print of it and looked hard at it, felt it.

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