Friday, 11 April 2008

winter in spring April 6th

06_04_08 022 hyacinth

at last we have snow. I had given up hope. I awoke with a migraine, I broke my camera but it snowed. Twice it snowed and thawed in one day.

It is not entirely true to say I feel happy when I am in snow, it is more like I feel complete. It is like that trick of putting two patterned transparencies over each other, they make a myriad of moire patterns then suddenly they sit over the top of each other and they snap into place as one, that is how I feel.

a set of images are here

06_04_08 001 birch

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@RM@ND@ said...

I adore these pictures! hope all is well. our home is just going through some changes, typical mood for this time of year. Just trying to enjoy the air.