Monday, 24 November 2008


is there nowhere safe to cry?

and the anger....he asked me in several times if there were words to my anger, took me to moments, but there were none; not a word in sight.

he doesn't want me to be stuck in resignation he wants me to find the clearer anger, that is if I can't move forward with plan b/c/d....p/q/r....x/y/z; because my body is showing it and it hurts.

Why do some of us take SO long to learn? it's probably all here, here in blogger, all those lessons learnt, unlearnt, confessed, revealed to the world. Does it help to make it "public"? We are, after all, all in this together....
I don't need to delve into the stories/experiences of my past just deal with the emotions NOW.

Stiff upper lip? the smiling mask so that no one knows? But not if it knots up inside.

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