Sunday, 15 November 2009

more on dream in green...

I have failed dismally to say anything about this image and its specialness! I take a lot of images of reflections in glass and of white things... This one draws in the green leafiness of trees - I find it hard sometimes to portray trees as I feel them, it's the same with the landscape, they are both very important parts of my life, embedded in my body - and places in the coolness of a white summer house, a bed for resting, for dreaming, a place where the breeze could get in and touch the skin. Wooden and tin houses also are close to my heart. I am more comfortable with them than stone or brick. It is impossible to explain but often I don't like the place where walls go into the ground, espacially where the ground has some sort of covering like tarmac. I suppose it is almost like a phobia, I feel it physically, I have some idea of where it started, sort of when but not why.
SO...a lot in one apparently unremarkable image.

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