Wednesday, 11 May 2011

10_10_2008 1652 sunrise detail

listen at the blackbird sing.
Some days I am so tired I can hardly think [there is usually one of two reasons - occasionally combined - for this] yet I try to think to do - perhaps I shouldn't. It does make me wonder how I can survive in the Real World, even if I can get through this piece of studying. What happened to the fit, healthy young girl? [ok not entirely fit and healthy, but at least mostly it seemed that way].

All green expansion outside, cow parsley frothing high, just the ash to fully expand. The dawn chorus is no longer the dense wall that it was - a change in just a few days. Still no swifts. I have heard of sightings of swifts and have seen them in Somerset and Brittany. But not here. To hear the scream to see the soaring freedom, just briefly the possibility.

Sun shines between cumulous clouds. Sky sky sky to fly in. Brisk breeze to lift the feathers of the wings. Breath.

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