Wednesday, 16 November 2011

another titw tomas las

oh little blue green bird, little scrap of life. I cannot find how this one or the one yesterday got in. This time it hits the window so hard it falls to the floor. I hold it in my hands to keep it warm, I feel the aliveness. I sit on the window sill and slowly open my hands. Eventually it gets up, it sits beak open. It starts to look around. After about ten minutes it flies to the apple tree. Its right eye has been hit rather hard.

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hellophotokitty said...

but it still has one good eye for navigation. Funny how animals, despite their physical setbacks, seem to be driven by a higher instinct to continue to live their lives day by day....

A lesson for all of us perhaps.

And this one flew right out of the palm of your hand.

What a gift..