Monday, 23 April 2007

early April walk

This morning; April estuary.

It’s so perfect
This morning:
fulling tide,
drops of the passed shower
in the appleblossom just buds, pink red tucked tight into green.
Cold breeze hot sun blackbird song
expanded soft hedgehog pollen- full- pussy-willow
warmed wild garlic.
Blackthorn blossom pungent soft whiskerings
felt on my lips and eyelids.
The old favourite, warm coconut gorse
Thickening to Mediterranean fig scent
this morning.
Many badger runs, down steep slopes
to river greening through to blue.
Do they know the tides?
Do they make mistakes?
Do they care?
First stitchwort sighted
In chiff chaff corridor
This morning.
I drag a stick along the sand
soft sand pitted by rain
and find two others have done the same
This morning.

It’s so perfect
This morning:
Tide starts to pull out.
I am spread on the sand
A large dog says hello.
It’s so perfect
This morning
It could break my heart.

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