Tuesday, 9 December 2008

alone - together

SO.... a bit of contradiction going on in recent posts - one minute it's spill the beans and say we are all in this together next: we have to work it out alone.

What is the message? I only ask because I was asked, perhaps it needed thinking about.

When I read that paragraph in Moomintroll Winter it stood out, but it is cold and lonely. Moomintroll had been lonely throughout the strange winter of not hibernating, experiencing a whole other world yet in his world. Perhaps it merely is a paradox of life. Two things in one. The melancholy, the grief...even the anger, perhaps there is work to do alone; I do have to let the spinning penny suddenly drop to stillness, I have to feel it. No-one else can slap their hand and flatten that penny for me. But there is sharing, being there, knowing another. The stranger that I meet briefly, the people closest to my heart. Something about facing life/death together, sometimes without words.
Two sides to a coin.

curl curl curl, world within world, life within life.
Somewhere I hear a quote about there being another world but it is to be found within this world...where did I read that recently? Reminds of finding the kingdom of heaven within.

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