Friday, 29 April 2011

diary bits

cool blue. cloud. no sun. should get up with the birds. would be good idea. chaffinch this morning heard. despite saying there were less

the plantains grow up in the cowslip meadow changing the sound of walking.

moths appear in a room with no windws open. they batter against a glass door that shuts them from the light. They are all the same. they must have hatched [they are not visible in the morning, maybe they were a haunting]

Pa mows the grass, paths rather than lawns, in the distance someone else mows too. the dog snaps at a blue bottle. I can tease him by making fly noises when he has been particularly frustrated by a fly!
He has vacated the sofa so I lie down to sleep

Do very little.
Sun finds it's way into to my room. My window faces north but is a bay window. just a hint this evening.
having been so tired i thought i would go to bed early - I have not. people are noisy outside the pub across the way. A wedding makes for a holiday. A long long weekend for some.

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