Friday, 29 April 2011


In another part of my life I wrote a manifesto - a given exercise, it was both funny and serious [a bit like life then...]

Mynd y tu hwnt i’r pwynt yma

Relax and assume the position (DEVO)

The word is y gair
The rabbit is y chwningen

I choose celibacy (before it chooses me) or at least meet it half way if/as I am a little late in my choosing.

No gendering is accurate

Purity does not exist (unless you want to talk chemistry)
Mud exists.
Comic sans exists. But maybe it shouldn’t.
Hierarchies, except on the page, should not exist.

Skin does not reveal inner beauty

Egg moons are the best moons, whether waxing or waning.

Don’t worry: when words confound resort to the body.

The words that speak up from the mangled bodies of human beings. This is the fallout that covers everything on earth now.

Fact is the train don’t come on time for nobody except those who should walk all the way to hell on their own backs.
(Kenneth Patchen 1971)

Go the beyond to the point here. I am itinerant.

They also serve who only stand and wait (Milton)

Are all your selves in agreement? (cLOUDDEAD)

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